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I personally donate 2,000 to 4,000 hours of my time every year and have donated or $450,000 over the past 31 years.. Unfortunately I had to file for bankruptcy in 2010 so Im now relying on dvd sales and donations to make productions. Please make a donation today. Thank you for your support.

Hi there,

Welcome to the internet home of indy not for profit film maker Sterling Johnston. I am a one man band type artist. I do everything from writing the scripts, to building the sets, producing the productions and final selling them.   The plan is to make enough money  to cover the cost of making a film and hopefully fund the next.

Sterling Johnston

Writer, Producer, Director

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My films are rated by the Ontario Film Review Board. For more information on film ratings please see their website.

Our target audience is age 8 to 16. Grown ups may like the films but they we never written or designed for people over the age of 16 except for Echo Beach the Movie which has a target audience 16 to 26.

Sterling Productions is a not for profit and everyone working on our productions are volunteers.  We create opportunities for young actors to build the particle experience that they require to find work in the film and television industry.

Just like hockey football or anything else for that matter, it takes about ten thousand hours of particle experience before anyone will consider you a professional.

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New for 2019 !

Please support the young actors by making a Donation to the production fund, Thank you for your support.

35 Years of making films 1984-2019

All actors under the age of 14 must have a parent or parent appointed guardian on set at all times.

Latest News!

Lots of exciting new projects in the works.

I almost have the cast locked in for Greg’s Treasure map. What a pile of work that was. I’m currently rewriting the script to fit the cast I now have locked in.

We are about 8 weeks behind schedule on Greg’s Map as it took so long to cast.  We may end up filming into July and bumping Zombie Warriors in to August 2019

We are almost finished  filming The Christmas Tree Lot.

Gregs Treasure Map will start filming in May 2019. Now in Pre-production!

This is a large cast production and we are now casting the film planned for Summer of 2019. Zombie Warriors Click Here!

Ghost of Lake Opeongo Filming August 2 to 12 2019

Four boys age 12 go on a canoe trip to debunk a ghost story. Now Casting!

In other news,

The 2nd Annual Algonquin Canoe trip July  21 to 29, 2019 is open to boys age 10 to 14. For more info Click Here!

Four Feature Film Projects for 2019. Its going to be an amazing year. We have some amazing actors lined up for this years films.


Algonquin Canoe Trip Documentary! Some say it’s more like a Reality TV show.

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Now on DVD!

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Sterling Productions

Box 96, Alma, Ontario, Canada, N0B 1A0


Scouts vs Aliens is now on DVD and Blue-ray, Get yours today.

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Greg’s Treasure Map

Greg’s Treasure Map.

It’s 1982 and 12 year old Greg tries to make some money with summer jobs but his attempts fail.  He just wishes he had lots of money and its about to come true if he can translate the map he finds.  His best friends pitch in.

This action adventure feature film will have an 80 min running time and a G rating when complete. No acting experience required.  Must have good swimming skills. Must be able to ride a bike,  Must be committed to finishing the film once started. Filming weekends in May and June 2019.

CLICK HERE to go to the production website

Please make a donation today so we can make more films. Thank you for your support.


The Christmas Tree Lot is almost finished filming and will be in post production for a few months.

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