Good Luck Chuck


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Good Luck Chuck was originally written by Quinn Reimer (above) in 2010

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Good Luck Cuck is a feature film, boy meets girl, teen comedy, with a  running time of 60 mins and will be rated PG when completed. Its more of a story of how teen interacted and the their relationships with one another. I plan to start filming on weekends and evening March 2015 and wrap at the end of April. The complied will be finished by the end of January 2016. The plan is to film in HD.

This production has a completion date of January 1 2016

I recently had a meeting with Quinn, the script writer, and we decided to make this  project more interesting. We are going to try and make three versions of the same script. A G Rated one, a PG Rated one and a 14A Rated one. So three films with three difference sets of cast members and three different film ratings. In total its about the same amount of work as filming Mystery of Ghost River so its very doable.

Film #1 Good Luck With That      (In Post Production)

Film #2 Good Luck Chuck

Film #3 Good Luck With That Rusty     (Cancelled)

All three films will have the same running time 60 mins.

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