The  Second Algonquin Canoe Trip 2019


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Welcome to the Second Algonquin Canoe Trip July 20 to 29, 2019

This is a very exciting over night summer camp opportunity for boys age 10 to 14. The one week trip is free trip as we will be filming a documentary of the trip. Spaces are limited to eight so it will be highly competitive to get a seat on the trip.

I am are going to post the documentary / series to my new YouTube Channel  Sterling Johnston Films.  I am also going to offer the completed documentary to TVO for broadcast when completed.  They may our may not air it.

Unfortunately do to the high cost of the trip we do need to raise $5000 to help cover the cost of food, transpiration, park fees and the lifeguard. We require each youth to make a fundraiser video and help raise the funds for the trip.  Please see our fundraising page to see how we are doing.

Your son must have good swimming skills.

Your son must have good communication skills

Your son must be athletic.

Acting experience is not required but is defiantly helpful.

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