ACT Fundraising


Here is your opportunity to help youth go to a 8 day summer camp. You can sponsor his trip and then there is no cost to him.

Donations and DVD sales are our only source of funding so please donate today. Thank you for  your support.

Our Goal is to raiser $8400 before June 1 2017

                      Total so far is $4650

Money spent so far $4834.    Balance -184.50

Sterling Johnston $700

Michael Bednarski $200

Bill Watson USA $50

  1. D.J, Bastille USA $1400

Troy Turner USA $700 + $700 + 500

John Frewin   UK  $100

Amanda Harrison Canada $100

Gabes dad $200

Perks for Donations

Donation of $25 we will put your name in the ending credits

Donation of $100 we will  gift you a copy of all 8 episodes on a 2 DVD or 2 Blue-ray set and your name in the ending credits.

Donation of $700 ($550 USD) will guarantee a boy a seat on the trip and we will  gift you a copy of all 8 episodes on a 2 DVD or 2 Blue-ray set. Also your name in the ending credits. A personal Thank you letter and a 8 x 10 picture of the boy who got to go on the trip because of your generosity.

Money spent so far on the project

Gas $1667

Pay Pal Fees $92.50

Repairs $300

Location scouting trip $300

Camp fees $572

Hotel $300

Lifeguard $1200

Food $1200

Firewood $60

Other safety gear $200

Flat tire Repair $100

Photo Shoots  $250

                          Money Spent already $4834


Camp fees $800

Gas $1500

Food $1200

Lifeguard $1200

firewood $60

Other $200

Update Sept 2017

Its unclear as to what the final outcome will be of the finished documentary. It may just end up as a really cool home movies for the guys that went on the trip.  Or it could be cut down to 10 mins and offered to TVO as a short Doc.

It’s all kind of up in the air.

But we are working on it still. Im doing some photos shoots with Zachary to add 1984 looking photos to the doc as I cant just use pictures from the internet. I need to have all the copyrights to the pictures and its so much easier just to take our own  pictures.

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